voucher types in sap

The fortnightly cenvat payment utility picks up the credit side accounts from the transaction types of grpo, ewpo, and TR6C for determining the cenvat and PLA accounts.
You enter the exchange rate type to store different exchange rates.Select the same and click on Sub screens in the left frame.When you come to enter a purchasing document, the system applies the excise duty at the rates you have entered in the condition records.'Create Part1 for STO' when marked will create a Part1 during the receipt of material through inter plant transfers.Define excise series groups based on type of outgoing document - Assign series group to excise registration ID - If no financial postings are required for an Excise invoice in this seris group then you tick the 'No utilization' indicator.If you want to make use of this function, you must also define the default plant, excise group, and series groups in Customizing for Sales and Distribution (SD by choosing Excise Group - Series Group Determination.Use In excise journal voucher transaction.Day-to-Day Activities - When you enter a purchase order or other purchasing document, enter the tax code for condition-based excise determination in each line item.

This information tells the system which G/L accounts to post the excise. .Excise Division: Specifies the excise division in whose area the excise registration is located.The standard system comes with sample settings for the tax calculation procedures and pricing procedures.For each excise group, you can also control how various excise invoice transactions will work.You must also specify the vendor type for example, whether the vendor is a manufacturer, a depot, or a first-stage dealer.Excise Groups - In this activity, you define excise groups.By Vendor (Detailed) 20302 actie korting winter efteling Delivery Notes Selection Criteria 20303 Delivery Summary Report Selection Criteria 20306 Invoices Summary Report Selection Criteria 20307 Export general data file Define Retail Stores 20320 Interest Calculation Report Selection Criteria 20321 Interest Report 20330 Payments to Vendors 20331 Unapproved Payments.These duties are in addition to basic excise duty and special excise duty.Nothing special, just a small overview of SAP Business One.
Even though this functionality is available in enterprise version, a small configuration step has to be made in Screen Sequences for Material Master.
It posts the deductible duty to the appropriate cenvat account, and adds the nondeductible duty to the material value.

This standard tooling is available from a number of sample web sites called storefronts based on Spring MVC applications called accelerators, which help reduce a lot of the graft from a project.
Similarly, your plant has status.
These activities include one activity where you define a tax code for condition-based excise determination.