Go to versus mode and bet the money to you profile.
WA 194 Jade reward: Straight Sword 574.
VY 35 Onyx reward: Praying Mantis, Lui He Ba Fa Pictures (onyx koins) 572.SB 291 Jade reward: Steve Beran Picture 471.XZ 255 Onyx reward: Marsh Concept 625.GI 100 Saphire reward: Comic Book Art (12/41) 166.YS 151 Platinum reward: 10 Worst mkda Subtitles 644.GU 134 Saphire reward: Comic Book Art 24 of 41 179.DT 332 Ruby reward: Li Mei Sketch.IS 244 Ruby reward: Sub-Zero, s Blade 228.NJ 326 Gold reward: MK Lunch Time (lunchbox) 349.VX 248 Saphire reward: Pi Gua and Jeet Kune Do 571.Then, repeat for all the Koins so that they all say 1000000 and make a wager of negative Koins.RX 105 Saphire reward: Empty Coffin 468.SX 215 Onyx reward: MK4 Arcade Marquee 494.UB 1261 Gold reward: Frost alternate outfit 523.If the fatality is done in versus mode, your opponent will be standing during.

CK 556 Jade reward: Wu korting high tea Shi Academy.LK 268 Silver reward: Wu Shi Acad.OG 266 Onyx reward: Movie Storyboards 7 of 8 372.LC 462 Saphire reward: Game Play Kicks and Doges 290.EE 1200 Platinum reward: Mortal Kombat Mythologies Box Art 110.List Of Koffins Missing From Original List There are several koffins that are missing from the list that someone provided here last month.

Moloch will almost always try to attack with his straight punch.