Op het eiland lagen van oost naar west de Lange Houtstraat en de Zwanenburgstraat.
Geraadpleegd op Delpher op, Stadsarchief Amsterdam, persoonskaart Antoine Hendrik Prenger Wally de Lang, Waterlooplein, de laatste joodse bewoners van de nummers 64 78 (Amsterdam 2017) 33 illustratie: Volksleven Amsterdam.Lange Houtstraat 24 Costima, d A Costima was ziekenverpleger en waker en woonde op dit adres in 1895.The apartment and all equipment, utensils, furniture etc.Upon arrival a valid credit card is required as a security deposit.Check-in Check-out Time, you must comply with our rules for checking-in and checking-out.
Except in the case of normal wear and tear you are responsible for any damage to the apartment or its contents during your stay, which has occurred due to the negligence, wilful default or irresponsible behaviour on the part of yourself or those occupying the.

Short Stay Group The Hague BV charges extra for arrivals after 20:00 (30 euro) and after 23:00 (50 euro). If any fees are not received in accordance with the above paragraph, our bookings agent may cancel your booking and any payments already made will be forfeited.You and your party also agree not to act in any way, which would cause disturbance to those residents in neighbouring properties.Lange Houtstraat Ruben Potts, ruben Potts werd in deze straat geboren en hij schetste zijn herinneringen aan zijn jeugd.Vogeltjesmarkt Houtstraat 1930, vlooienburg had de vorm van een rechthoek.Derhalve het verhaal over Antoon op zijn eigen pagina.In the event that relocation is not possible, or undesired, Short Stay Group The Hague BV will refund any monies paid for affected accommodation booked through our booking agent.A bekende vrouwen met kort haar reservation of 500 euro per apartment will be made on your card and released automatically on the day of your departure on the conditions that: No damage to the apartment(s) has occurred, by any guest in the party.Het werd aan de zuidkant omringd door de Binnen-Amstel, aan de westkant door de Zwanenburgwal (die toen ook wel Verversgracht genoemd werd aan de noordkant door de Houtgracht (of de Joden Houttuinen) en aan de oostkant door de Leprozengracht (of Huiszittengracht).
Lange Houtstraat 17 olak.

It is an implied term that, by booking and staying in one of our apartments, you agree to accept our terms and conditions stated below.
Lange Houtstraat 57 Rijndorp, m Rijndorp was ziekenoppasser en waker en adverteerde vanaf dit adres in 1883.