From Rotterdam promotiecode belsimpel forum Europoort P O Ferries operates a shuttle bus service that takes you to the city center of Rotterdam.
Tickets edit As anywhere else in the country OV-chipkaart is to be used to pay all kinds of public transport.
Water sports and yachting edit Kralingse Plas Being a major harbour and having lots of waterways and lakes, Rotterdam has a lot to offer for water-enthousiasts.
Only by guided tours by UrbanGuides Jul-Aug: Tu-Su; Sep-Jun Sa,.Northwest of the center.Met dank aan, sinfonia Maritiem Concert 2018, na het enorme succes van vorig jaar; 2e editie Sinfonia Maritiem Concert!See also the Netherlands page for further information on national rail.Lines A, B and C operate every 10 minutes on working days and Saturday, which allows 3-4 minute intervals on the main section between Schiedam Centrum and Capelsebrug.Adult: 15; child under 18: free entry.Witte Huis (White House) (at the Oude Haven).You could book your taxi also online.Traveling with this card will be cheapest and fastest, but bear in mind that the card itself costs.50 and you'd need to keep a positive balance there for at least.Take bus 103 at the Spijkenisse Centrum metro station.
Operates bus service between Rotterdam and many cities across Europe.

(updated Jun 2016).9324.5062 22 Botanische Tuin Kralingen (Botanical Garden Kralingen Kralingse Plaslaan 110b (Take tram to 7 to the Jericholaan stop).For trains to the North and the South travellers can also choose to depart from Rotterdam Blaak.Mrdh is the area of the region Rotterdam-Schiedam-Delft-The Hague, see this page for more information on travel and cycling.Especially games of Feyenoord 7, that draw huge crowds, and Sparta ( 8 with a more homey atmosphere) are well worth a visit.Not a problem if you plan on staying out late.And the Modern Art wing has an important collection of surrealism, prominently featuring Salvador Dalí and René Magritte.
They also sell loads of paraphernalia like pipes, and bongs.
Ideally situated in the lively Witte de Withstraat.

The museum, founded in 1849, houses a rich, broad collection that can be generally grouped into four wings: Old Art, with masterpieces such as Pieter Brueghel the Elder's The "little" Tower of Babel (1563).