Further, Guild Wars 2 dispenses with the "holy trinity" of tank/DPS/healer.
When these events happen, all of the players in the area swarm in to help out.
In addition, the outcome of a dynamic event influences the story; if you fail to keep an invading force korting voor studenten apple out, you might be called on again to repel the bad guys, for example.It has always been a problem korting apple lerarenkaart for MMOs that countless people experience the same story together when, for example, every single person is supposed to be a special, hand-picked warrior.These contests take place on huge maps with countless objectives scattered across themtowers to control, camps to raid, etc.VBulletin Copyright, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.You choose from among five races: the melee-focused Charr; the tiny, magical Asura; the also magical but more balanced Sylvari; the rather bland Humans; and the icy, battle-loving Norn.The time now is 22:24.Views: 12,858, 16:35, replies: 3, views: 6,095, 12:28, replies: 1, views: 4,860, 09:58.Each death damages a piece of armor, and if you don't repair your armor before it's all damaged, pieces start breaking.

The first time you boot up Guild Wars 2, you go through a user-friendly but surprisingly deep character-creation process.Replies: 23, views: 18,694, 14:31, replies: 11, views: 12,612, 13:54, replies:.Views: 9,381, 17:44, replies: 0, views: 7,897, 16:13, replies: 16, views: 17,173, 00:25.The first is pretty traditionalyou visit a person who needs help and do what they ask in exchange for EXP and gifts.Replies: 0, views: 7,792, 16:57, replies: 0, views: 8,221, 13:58, replies:.There's even a "down but not out" mechanicwhen your health runs out, you have a brief period to bring yourself back to life by hurling attacks at the enemy that killed you.World where three teams, each representing a different server, fight battles that last weeks.Views: 16,774, 20:09, replies: 3, views: 5,179, 16:09, replies:.It's in between those instances that Guild Wars 2 really shines, however.
You also choose a profession (a more specific set of skills to complement your natural talents and you can customize your avatar to make him look unique.
Developer ArenaNet hopes to change thatand deserves to change thatwith Guild Wars.

Guild Wars 2 manages to make each experience unique, and offers you choices continuously as your story develops.