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All these screen rulers are completely free and can be downloaded to Windows.
Always choose realistic deadlines according to the possible winnings; there is no point in raffling 1 elite*gold for two weeks.
Both horizontally and vertically, set transparency of ruler, change ruler background color.TBM-Ratings for free offers are considered abusing the rating system!It's morally not right, and most of the times, it's against the companies TOS agreement and is not allowed here.Can you add my software?Each Moderator can use their own discretion when needed.
If you don't agree with the idea, company, religion, etc., leave the thread with out replying.

You can put Blue at top left corner and Red at bottom right corner of any part of the screen and it will voucher na masa rzeszów measure the distance in pixels and shows the actual length between these two points.Well, please, explain this more.4.) Please include the name of the company offering the freebie and a description of what the freebie.Put this in the title of your post.The moderators work in the spirit of the rules stated in order to keep a general flow to the forums.If it is not, please submit again.