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One Steve Limit : Averted in the case of the term "Sharptooth." Not only is it the name of the Big Bad of the original movie, the term is also used to specifically describe Tyrannosaurus Rexes, and is a general term for carnivores, meaning the.
They eventually wised up, although by that point they were too late as Chomper's parents were still in the Great Valley.Pig Pen's Mud Buggies, kite Eating Tree, other.Features Chomper's third film appearance, Bron's second and Ruby's first.Regardless of the position people take on these sequels, most people agree that their sheer number and lesser quality to the original makes them dell voucher discount a classic example."Very Big." Bioluminescence Is Cool : In the fourth film, the plants that Littlefoot and company are searching for illuminate at when the night falls.One episode has Spike trapped in a hole, so Mister Thicknose and Topps come to help.There's also the "biggest, meanest, most ferocious Sharptooth ever" from Secret of Saurus Rock, who showed his big mean ferocity by getting whipped by Doc.(Spike grunts in agreement) Petrie: You make friends with tiny ones, but you make everybody mad at them, so they unhappy now, too!Cera is at first very unenthusiastic about sitting in mud all day, but when Tria urges her to give it a try, and she discovers that the mud is warm, she ends up liking it just as much as the others.Pitch Perfect 3 movie promotion, coco movie promotion, movie ticket promotion.Suddenly Voiced : Spike in an episode of the TV series.
His partner kicks him in the face in response.
Herbivores Are Friendly : The korte platte suede laarsjes main characters are heroic herbivores (except for Petrie pterosaurs ate fish).

The Land Before Time viii: The Big Freeze (2001 The Valley is once again put in danger, this time by a massive cold spell, while Spike meets members of his own kind.Disney Villain Death : Sharptooth, who gets crushed under a boulder and drowns.While this was definitely not something pterosaurs could do, it is behavior displayed by modern birds of prey when they're carrying particularly heavy loads in their talons.While Rhett does get scared off, this leads his and Ali's herd to try and drive Chomper out of the Great Valley.Then never speaks again.Disney Death : Petrie when it looks like he was crushed under the same boulder used to kill Sharptooth, but survives.Real Is Brown : The best known animated feature to apply this trope.He's got his regrets.Genre Shift : Executive Meddling aside the first film was still pretty dark and serious.

Which results in one of the best action scenes of the sequels (better then that film's climax, actually).
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Eye Awaken : The scene where Cera charges at Sharptooth's face, only to have Sharptooth's menacing eye open and stare at her.