Things to consider when purchasing a wheelchair through the NHS Independent Voucher Scheme:.
Please check with your local wheelchair service for full details and eligibility criteria.
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Financial assistance can be given to clients in the form of a voucher which can be put towards the cost of a wheelchair of the clients choice.Make sure it is signed and stamped and you receive two copies.What if I Need a Pressure relieving Cushion or Backrest?HMS Mobility Solutions Ltd accept NHS wheelchair vouchers.In principle, the value of the wheelchair given is based on a clients clinical need and on the clients use of the wheelchair, in accordance with the Local Wheelchair Service eligibility criteria.You will receive a voucher from the NHS to the value of the chair overhemd korte mouwen you would have been offered from the NHS after your assessment (which is determined locally in each individual case).Please contact your local wheelchair service FOR THE latest information.Ask for a home visit as it will allow you to check: - widths and heights - use outside on a regular route - check it goes in your car boot - anywhere else you might use.Will it be collected and delivered?The NHS provides a standard range of wheelchairs. .Clients may prefer something different, for example a lightweight wheelchair.Does the retailer hold spares or do they order when needed?
How Do I Qualify for the Scheme?

The client will have ownership of the wheelchair and be responsible for its repair and maintenance, having been given an allowance towards this cost within the voucher. .A wheelchair provided under the partnership option remains the property of the NHS and is subject to VAT (the VAT element will be paid by wheelchair Service who own the wheelchair).This is usually done at a joint assessment with the retailer, the client and a therapist from your local Wheelchair Service.How Does the Voucher Scheme Operate?Prescriptive wheelchairs for adults and children living in the South West of England.Provided our trained therapists are satisfied that the wheelchair of the clients choice will meet their clinical needs you can utilise the scheme.Is mobility insurance available?I don't have a voucher - can I still get help with the cost of my spectacles?All you have to do is pop this in the post with a copy of your order attached, we will take care scotch and soda online korting of the rest.Wheelchairs provided under the Independent option will be zero rated and the client must sign a VAT declaration.
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The wheelchair service will retain ownership of the wheelchair and will be responsible for the repair and maintenance.
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